How can the LSFB Corpus be used?

“What do the other members of the Deaf Community think about the relationship between deaf and hearing people? Which jokes make the deaf people laugh? Which video can I show to my students in order to teach them classifiers? Which video am I going to watch today to better understand signers from the Liège region? Is the order of signs regular in LSFB? Is this order the same in other sign languages?”
The LSFB Corpus can help you find answers to this sort of questions.

Requesting access

In order to consult the corpus, you need to ask for a password by filling in the form. If you are an LSFB teacher or a teacher using LSFB for teaching, an interpreter or a translation/interpreting trainer, you can ask for an access as a professional that will let you access more videos. If you are a researcher (linguists, sociologist, anthropologist, etc.) and you consult the corpus for your research, ask for access as a researcher that will allow you access to other videos and metadata for your work.

The videos

The LSFB Corpus is made up of a series of videos organised into 50 sessions and 19 tasks. One session corresponds to one recording session: it contains the videos of two signers who complete the 19 tasks proposed by the moderator. The two signers in each session appear in two separate synchronised videos. These videos show all the interactions between the two signers. The video panel (on the left-hand side) presents a combined shot of the two signers (individual and large shot) and of the moderator in which the moderator’s explanations and interventions can be seen.

The signers’ videos will display a colour code if the discussion is interrupted by the moderator. This moment can be found in the video panel and can be identified by the same colours. The order of the colours used is the following: red, yellow, green, orange, turquoise, blue and white.

Session 29: 29th recording session
Task 06 – Sign language and emotions: 6th task whose topic is the influence of emotions on signing
Signer S059 and signer S060: signers’ codes who participated in session no 29.

Corpus queries

This website contains a search engine that allows users to navigate the site in different ways [link to the query site?] such as choosing a signer or a type of signer (age, region, linguistic profile); choosing a region; searching by descriptor; selecting the visual material used in the task or even searching for a particular sign. These criteria can also be combined. For instance, you can search for a video of a near-native signer (profile) over the age of 65 (age), from the region of Brussels (regions) who tells a joke (descriptor).

Terms and conditions

You are kindly invited to read the general conditions regarding the use of the corpus before consulting and using the corpus.